We pursue excellence in everything we do!

  • Specialized computer telephony technologies.
  • Call center development experience.
  • Human resources management and process expertise.
  • We are very scrupulous in project on time delivery that is commited.
  • Exceeding your expectations at every step for better Service.
  • We have Affordable and flexible price slab for all types of business Website design.
  • Our All Websites are fully Designed search engine friendly that maximize your returns.
  • We strongly recommend interaction with clients to minimize mis-communication.
  • Experienced resources in creative and professional Website Designing & Development.

Additional Services

  • We'll take your calls using our customized system or your in-house application
  • Reliable access to telephone and internet networking
  • 100% Bilingual Response - Accent neutral English and Hindi operators


Web hosting belgaum

Website Design and Hosting

We're specialized in developing websites. We've expertise in designing website that succeed by bringing in enquiries, which generate sales and are an asset to your business. Designing of a new website Redesign or revamping of an existing website Maintenance & management of an existing website. A wealth of experience means that our solutions are always in demand, and our service in all areas and markets goes from strength to strength.

Web Application

Web Application and Complete Solutions

Designing total customer solutions requires a clear understanding of your entire enterprise. We're in a unique position to provide an objective enterprise assessment and develop an opportunities analysis. With this approach, we can identify your needs, propose cost effective solutions and execute them in a flexible, functional plan. Recommendations may include satisfaction measurement design, cross-functional marketing programs, marketing database design and development, as well as reporting program development.

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Medical Transcription and Data Conversion

Data conversion service involves the conversion of data from one layout to another. Many companies require this service to be capable to task usually so that they can attain their business objectives and have a position in the competitive business world. Techbuds IT Solutions Private Limited is a highly regarded company that proposes diverse kinds of data conversion services with assets, high level technology and ample experience, We guarantees highly precise conversion of your files.

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Voice Services

Voice Services

We provide top of the line Voice Services through our outbound and inbound contact center operations. Our voice services are useful for sales and customer support operations as well as the proactive gathering of customer's feedback. Through constant process optimization and by extensive innovations in overall operational strategy, we have been able to make our voice services much more cost effective. We understand that in order to enhance the growth of the business, it is important to achieve defined goals in an efficient and aggressive manner. This is where we help our clients, by providing all the necessary help to them.


Social Media Management and Web Posting

Our pain taking efforts towards providing our clients with valuable services of form processing are a double key process to ensure high accuracy output. We create and maintain validation tools based on a set of rules and ensure that our forms processed data are highly accurate and cost effective. If the scanning and uploading of images to a secure FTP server is done at the client's end, then we download process and return the database to them within 24 hours.

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Data Entry

To ensure a consistent growth, a business has to be innovative and at the same time this innovation shall be pitched to the right people. For inducing innovation, a business must have its sole focus on its core competency. This is our premiere line of business as it allows us to provide the best Business Processes Management Services to our clients. We take the standard back office work that may include but not be limited to Data Entry Operations, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Tracking Orders, Backend Management, Backend Coordination, Billing, Data Processing, Personnel and Payroll Management etc. Our clients can therefore divert their precious resources towards their primary revenue generating activities and need not worry about things which are essentially operational support functions.